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Business Credit Cards Many small business owners often ask this question - I already have a personal credit card, and the credit line is more than enough for current business expense, do I need a business credit card? How would owning a business credit card impact my business? Whether you operate your business from your home or a formal office and employ just a few workers. A business credit card can actually take streamline your business operation or even take it to "the next level".

One big advantage of using a business credit card is that you can separate personal and business transactions that could create potential tax and money management problems. By using the card for large supply orders, business subscription services, and even routine office products such as pen and paper, monthly expenditures can easily be kept track of and analyzed on the monthly statement. Most of the business credit cards now offer you the option to summarize expenses at the end of each year. The purchases you made are categorized and itemized. Download the transactions to your favorite money management programs such Quicken and Microsoft Money. You can even directly import the transactions to some tax preparation programs to help minimize data entries, simplifying every day bookkeeping.

Using a business credit card makes your organization more legitimate in the eyes of those you do business with and even in your own mind as well. Having a business credit card can greatly help boost the credibility. If you are trying to transition a hobby to a real business or start up something completely new, itís important to start building business credit which will make it easy for you to take loans and credit lines as you business expand in the future.

Today, most of business credit cards offer various type of reward and cash back programs. Your company can earn cash back or redeem reward points for travels, hotels, and merchandise. Choosing a particular credit card that offers the perks that will benefit your company the most.


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